Autosofted Announcements

Auto Clicker and Keyboard Presser Update

August 29, 2014

We have rolled out a new update for our Auto Clicker and Keyboard Presser program. This update was performed due to the request of a certain feature that users wanted to be added.

What is this new feature? Before this update, the user would constantly have to re-select their Start/Stop and Play hotkeys everytime they restarted or re-opened the program. Now, the program remembers which hotkey you set for Start/Stop and Play.

This new feature addition will save the users a lot of times and make the program much more convenient to use.

Text Comparison Tool released

July 12, 2014

We have just finished creating another very handy program, called the TextDoc Compare Utility 2.0. This tool was very difficult to create but all our efforts are worth it. A lot of time was spent on simplifying the interface for the user.

The TextDoc Compare Utility by Autosofted is used to compare and find differences between two different text or .doc files. Often times, we download a word or .txt file but are later given a more updated version of that file. Now you can easily spot what has changed in the latest file.

This tool is simple to use, small in size and free to download. Visit the file's download page to see more information. There is also a short video tutorial detailing how to use this program.