About Us

What we do and why

Autosofted provides mostly free resources to facilitate everyday computer tasks. Our programs include macros such as automated keyboard pressers/typers/mouse clickers as well as file organizational tools.

We are also open to feedback and new ideas for future programs. Our motto is "The best type of programs are simple programs." We try our best to make sure that all our programs are user-friendly and simple to use, as well as effective.

The reason that all our software is free is because we believe all useful software should be made available for public download. This is an open internet after all. We also believe that people will willingly donate to us if they are happy with our software.

Visit our blog to get the latest updates and news: https://autosofted.wordpress.com.

Our skills

Our skills are not just limited to automating keyboards/mouses/files. We also create scripts that automate web forms and even automate other software. Our software can also read, interpret and perform actions based on HTML source code. We can automate anything!

Special Thanks

Anders Pedersen (Skype: mr-loverboy_dk) for fixing bugs on the Auto Keyboard Presser program.