TextDoc Compare Utility v2.0

Free text comparing tool for finding differences between two text or doc files


by Autosofted

TextDoc Compare Utility GUI

Last Update: 2014-07-12

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No Viruses, No need to pay, No surveys, Just download and use :)


This tool by Autosofted can allow you to compare two different text or doc files and will show you of the differences between those 2 files. The program will highlight the line that it detects the change on, and also display short messages that specifically inform you on which word(s) changed. The program can perform the full comparison of both files and provide a small detailed report all in less than a minute.

This utility is also very simple to use, you just need to select 2 files and click "Compare".  You can also filter your results to only show changes done on one of two files. This tool is completely free to download.

Instructions (Easy)

1. Click on "Select File #1" to choose the first file you want to put up for comparing
2. Click on "Select File #2" to choose the second file you want to put for comparing
3. Click "Compare"


  • .txt and .doc (up to Word 2003) compatible
  • Smart comparison ability
  • Displays all text from both files and highlights the line where a difference is spotted
  • Displays extra information in the console which tells you specifically which word changed
  • Ability to choose whether to filter results to only show changes that happened on one file instead of both

Video How-To Guide

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