Duplicate File Finder v2.2

Free duplicate file searching tool with file deletion options


by Autosofted

Duplicate File Finder GUI

Last Update: 2014-06-22

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No Viruses, No need to pay, No surveys, Just download and use :)


The Autosofted Duplicate File Finder is a tool used to search your folders for any duplicate files that you may have. Duplicate files can take up major disk and hard drive space on your computer. This program scans a chosen folder along with all the folder's sub-directorys to find any unnecessary copy of files.

The Duplicate File Finder first searches through all the files, then detects any copies made of them. This tool isn't just limited to pics/txts/docs, it can detect dupes from every type of file.

Instructions (Easy)

1. Click on "Open Folder" to choose the folder you want to search
2. Click Scan
3. Check-mark the files you want to delete
3. Click "Delete Selected Files"


  • Full folder and folder-subdirectory file search
  • Smart progress bar
  • Can detect any type of file
  • Ability to open file location of selected file
  • Ability to delete files that you choose

Video How-To Guide

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