Auto Mouse Clicker v1.9 FULL VERSION

Auto Key Presser GUI

NOTE: For people using trial version 1.8, you'll get the below additional functions when you buy the full version.

For people using trial version 1.9, you already get to use all the below functions. Buy it to remove the trial limitation.

Full Version Additional Functions:

Ability to record right clicks (not just left)!

Ability to go as low as 10 milliseconds between each mouse click!

Ability to save and load scripts!

Ability to use the "edit script" feature which allows more versatile functionality!

Ability to control time between each individual mouse click!

Ability to double click (click same spot twice and change time to 10 m/s).

For just one payment of $3!!!

NOTE: Price will change to $5 sometime near the beginning of April. The Full Version is permanent and is not a trial :).

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